Sunday, September 25, 2011

Remembering Rachel

My daughter-in-law, Jenny, is working on a project: a book about Rachel Stubbs McTeer. She enlisted my help to scan dozens of photos that were in my possession. What a trip down memory lane! It was bittersweet to re-live those days gone by, but I wouldn’t have missed the closeness I feel to my dear daughter. I remember the cuddly sweetness of her baby self, her elementary school enthusiasm and innocence, her beautiful red hair, her determination to win for her swim team at Orem High School, her love for God and Church, the fun of her college years, her joy in her mission to Adelaide, Australia and then her love for her husband and two daughters. Rachel, I do remember you. I miss you. I love you.

Baby Rachel
Nathan and Rachel (4 years old)

Rachel, Anna, Amy
Rachel and Nathan learning piano

Preschool activities
Joy and Rachel at high school graduation
Orem High School graduation 
Getting ready for college date

Rachel, Julia, Zack

Stephen and Rachel

Rachel and roomies
Amy with Rachel just home from Australia

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