Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remembering Rachel in so many ways

Anna, Amy, Nathan, Mark, Julia

November 5th was Nathan's wedding day. He was married on the beach in Florida with a beautiful party following. But there was a moment. Or more. The first was just before the bride appeared. My son took his place and raised his hand briefly to the sky. No words were spoken, but we knew he was saluting his sister Rachel. After the wedding, the siblings who were able to attend the wedding took their place for a happy wedding photo. Again, Rachel was remembered. I think she knew. I think she attended the happy occasion.

I miss Rachel, sometimes so painfully I can hardly bear it. Other times with a smile and a warm thought, like Nate's wedding day. Her brothers and sisters have similar feelings. She is often in our thoughts. She doesn't seem very far away. Sometimes we speak of her, sometimes the gesture or the smile or tear is enough. We are remembering Rachel.

Jenny has remembered Rachel in a special way this month. She has just completed a beautiful book of photos and text to honor her. She has had a strong impression that Rachel's girls will be with our family again in the future, and she felt an assignment to be ready with a book to bridge the “lost” years for Addie and Elizabeth with this book. Thanks Jenny, for remembering Rachel.

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