Thursday, August 25, 2011


My cousin Wayne sent me a link to view some of my grandparents' home movies. Wayne rescued these from the scrap heap left when Grandma C died in 1993. The newly digitized video was a little "scrappy." But as I watched the parade of Grandpa's grandchildren march through his proud movies, I was touched. Memories stirred of long-ago days when I was one of that group. I was excited to see my cousins and I interact together in that setting. Cousins! What a blessing they are! We don't always remember or hang out with our cousins, but in my case they are an integral and treasured part of my life.

Cousins, aunts and uncle interact this summer in Florida
As a grandmother, I love to see my grandchildren interact together in "cousinly ways." A favorite part of grandchild watching is to see how the children of different families share friendship with each other. Each is enriched in the process. The same is true of Rachel and her cousins. This year several of her cousins married. Other cousins came to the various celebrations. I love watching the interactions of the cousins and now the second cousins as their children find friends among family members as well. A pair of girl cousins who were close to Rachel's age particularly brought Rachel back to me this month. Sweet thoughts filled my heart as I heard the conversations, casual and sometimes serious, of these two women. I treasure my cousins and I treasure my children's cousins too.

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