Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Personal Record: about 1985

February 1983
I just found Rachel's old "Book of Remembrance." This entry is undated, but she includes her baptism date on the other side of the paper, so it may have been soon after that event in January of 1984.

I lost the family home evening book that I needed to make a present for Amy. I asked Mom if she had seen it. She said no, maybe I took it downstairs. I looked down there but I only found another book like it except with the flannel board pieces I needed already cut out. I asked Mom again and showed her that book to see if she had seen it. She said no again and she said she lost the collar on the pattern she was making too. I kneeled down by the bench and said a prayer to ask Heavenly Father to help me find my book and Mom to find the collar piece.

As I was kneeling down I opened my eyes and looked under the table to the other bench and I saw the book. It was hiding under the typewriter. When Mom started to cut the material out she set the typewriter down on the bench and it was hiding under it. I'm so glad Heavenly Father helped me find my book and I hope Mom finds the pattern soon too.

I love Heavenly Father and Jesus and I know the Church is true and I love my teacher and my family, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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