Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with Rachel

Rachel's birthday was December 14. We often decorated the Christmas tree on her birthday. She was always so excited during the month of December and often was so excited that she became ill, especially on her birthday and on Christmas Day. She still loved the season, however. She loved Christmas music of all types. She loved to make her gifts, sewing and crafting from an early age. She loved to surprise people with an act of service. She liked the Christmas lights and made it her business to help her parents get their lights up in plenty of time for the season.
The Christmas that she was expecting her first baby, a daughter, was an especially joyous one. Her days were filled with preparation for the new little one who came to her on New Year's Day. How she loved that baby and her second daughter as well! Rachel made ambitious plans for them to love Christmas as she did. She included her daughter in making Christmas ornaments for others. We still love to hang them on our tree. We especially miss Rachel at this season and we miss her children too. Our hope and prayers are that they are happy and well and enjoying the season as their mother always did.
Rachel and her second daughter
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